That’s Lovely; Social Media Management, Where to start

After a small break over Christmas, I’m back to help you steer the rollercoaster ride that is marketing your small business on Instagram, dodging algorithm changes and inspiring you to show up with confidence to your ideal client!


I thought I would briefly answer some typical questions I get asked as a Social Media Manager…

1) How to create content for your ideal client;

Firstly, you need to determine who that ‘ideal client’ is! The more you can niche down the better. If you’re a fitness instructor who wants to target ‘mums’, that simple isn’t enough.

– What kind of mums? Young baby mums? Helping with postpartum body? Mums who have older children and want to get a spark back for themselves? Mums who want to connect with other mums and get social AND fit?

The more you can get specific, the better you can start to speak to those individuals! You can then tailor your content to make the reader feel like you’re speaking directly to them! It’s how every perspective client/customer wants to feel!

Which leads me onto…

2) What even ARE the types of content you can create?

There’s no denying right now that reels are taking over our Instagram feeds! Love them or hate them, short form video content is proving really successful in reaching a wider audience and potentially growing your account.

A great way to use reels is to create ‘edutainment’. Educational combined with a entertaining content can ensure that your followers feel like they can relate to you, can trust you and see some of your personality (remember, people by from people!) as well as learning something valuable from you! Showcase your knowledge, but in a fun way!

Other forms of content to try include;

Carousel Posts – Basically x 10 static posts in a row, encouraging the user to scroll across to the end. This informs the Instagram algorithm that the content is deemed valuable/informative/entertaining enough to then push out further to non-followers. A great way to potentially get onto the explore page!

Interactive Stories – Stories last 24 hours and then they’re gone! So the number one rule is to not overthink them. Show your work space, chat about your day, keep things light. Part of the appeal of shopping small is to get to know the business owner! Trust is gained when you get to know someone a bit more personally!

Use polls, question boxes, and emoji sliders to learn more about your audience too! It’s called ‘social media’ for a reason!

One thing I’ll leave you with…

Being ‘consistent’ on your platform is NOT the same as being ‘constant’ on social media.

Burnout is a thing. Chances are, you didn’t start your business to become an Instagram overnight sensation! You started it because you wanted to monetise doing something you love.

Use Instagram as a way to help GROW your business, not consume you so much you start to fall out of love with your business.

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