Top Tips from That’s Lovely

Are you a small independent business, wanting to know how to get started promoting your brand? Or are you an independent brand looking to get the most out of your social media?

Look no further!

We had the privilege of speaking with Nicola from That’s Lovely, who offers one to one Instagram coaching. With a passion for promoting and supporting the small biz community, Nicola is giving you the tips and tricks of the trade and helping you “SHOW UP with confidence!”.

Whilst the social media trends are constantly evolving, it’s hard to know how to get the most engagement with your profile. This is a key part of increasing your brand awareness and growing your business!

Nicola has given us her ‘Five top tips to being confident on social media’…


1) Find your niche – once you have this locked down, you’ll be able to start creating specific content for this audience and target market. You will start to attract your ideal customer/client through shares and increased engagement.

2) Use polls and question boxes. This will encourage your audience to engage with you and literally tell you what they want to see! That way, you’ll feel confident knowing you’re putting out the right content for them! 

3) Talking to your audience on Instagram stories is a huge part of building your community. This can be daunting at first, but a good way to start is by slowly showing parts of your workspace, you in the process of an order or providing your service, or an image of yourself entitled ‘Face behind the business’. You will start to create personal connections through being more personal yourself and this will open up more opportunities to grow your business online. 

4) Join in on other accounts when they go live! Being part of other communities helps to not only keep social media ‘social’, but to grow your own account with authentic engagement. Your confidence will grow each time and it won’t be long before you host your own live talk! 

5) Sounds simple to say but – just go for it! Do you have something with value for your audience to say, or want to share something you’re proud of? Do it! You had the confidence to start your business and chase your dream – why are you stopping now! 

There you have it! Industry insights from a social media expert! Nicola’s dedication to supporting the business community is invaluable, and we are thrilled that we have her top tips! To find out more on Nicola’s business, check out her Instagram @that.sovely and get the most out of your social media!