What our Brands say: Feragaia

We had the pleasure of meeting Bill from Feragaia and learning about their authentic alcohol-free spirit brand, Feragaia.

Being born and based in Fire, they root themselves in their surrounding area, through their team, suppliers and right down to the botanicals handpicked by their foragers and founders! This Scottish heritage is distinct within their handcrafted, small batch, alcohol free spirit, distilled from 14 land and sea botanicals in a pot. Giving balanced citrus and herbaceous aromatics, to build an earthy warming finish. Whether you prefer mixing, drinking straight or creating cocktails, perfect for finding your favourite drink.

Here’s what Bill had to say about their pop-up experience in John Lewis Glasgow…

‘The Glasgow John Lewis team were all fantastic to work with. Everyone was friendly and went out of their way to welcome us into the store for the week. I hope we can work with them again one day soon!

‘The week was beneficial for our growing brand, getting in front of customers all week and selling a nice amount of stock was why we were there!’

It was great to hear that Bill and the team at Feragaia had enjoyed their pop-up experience, engaging with customers and gaining feedback to help grow their brand. We look forward to seeing what the future brings for this business!