About Us

Who are The Great Brand Exchange?

The Great Brand Exchange was founded in 2014 with two goals in mind. The first was to help small businesses grow and scale by giving them a route into retail. And the second was to bring exciting, unique, local products to major retailers enabling them to offer something different alongside their big-name brands.

Since our inception, we’ve generated an incredible £50 million in revenue for small businesses, shipped 3 million packages, managed 5,000 pop-up events and created an active network of 12,000 emerging brands. We’re responsible for hugely successful, regionally sourced in-store pop-ups throughout the UK.

And we’re nowhere near finished!

We know how difficult it is for emerging and growing brands to succeed in a world where mass-produced products are on almost every shelf in-store and online.

While mass production has its advantages, it’s really important that creativity and innovation prevail to boost both local and global economies, keep traditional skills alive and satisfy consumers pursuing unique, meaningful and customised goods.

We’re helping to create reasons to visit the high street.

Our Vision

We aim to become the global network of small brands and big retailers, connecting the two through transformational commercial opportunities. All while meeting the ever-evolving demands and expectations of today’s consumer.

We’re here to help you.


We’re proud and grateful to our committed retail partnerships who share our vision.

Who we work with

Ready to Grow your Business?

How can we help you grow your business?

We work closely with top retailers, including John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Boots and Waitrose, helping them in their constant search for the newest, most unique and innovative gift ideas.

No matter the size of your brand or where you’re based in the world, if you produce something a bit different, we want to hear from YOU.

By joining forces with The Great Brand Exchange, your business will benefit from increased brand awareness, new customers and more sales! We’ll help you reach bigger markets through opportunities like:

  • Hosting a pop-up shop within a large retail store in big cities like London, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.
  • Taking part in organised seasonal shopping events (e.g., a Christmas or New Year market, a Diwali celebration, or an Easter fair).
  • Guiding you through a wholesale deal to source a permanent listing with a big retailer.

Ready to take your brand onto the high street?

Want specific information about pop-up shops with John Lewis 2024?

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John Lewis Pop-Up 2024